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I’m seriously getting sick and tired of all this shit. What, your drama won’t come out? The concert was delayed? They didn’t make their comeback yet? Oh, you didn’t have a good day? You’re tired? School was too long? LOOK, THERE ARE YOUNG TEENS JUST LIKE YOU AND ME THAT ARE IN A BOAT THAT’S AT THE…

Reports here saying most of bodies had a finger fracture. It means how desperate they want to be survive on #Sewol ferry. #PrayForSouthKorea (@hohocho)

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A letter to the young students (Sewol tragedy) →


This is a letter by Kim Seong-kon who is a professor of English at Seoul National University and president of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea. Personally, I think this made a lot of sense. It is sad and frustrating that, many lives could not be saved because of errors which could…